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Children of a Higher God

Children of a Higher God is Book 1 in the much anticipated Fourth Dimension series

In 1975 an unidentified woman lies dead in a London alleyway. No one reports her missing, and no culprit is ever found.

In 1993 a romantic tryst in a secluded cemetery becomes a nightmare that will haunt a young girl for the rest of her life.

In 2015 Dr Lorelei Burns is in control. She has a successful medical career and is a role model for professional women, admired for her years of hard work and commitment in her field. Yet Lori is bored, and deep down she longs for something to disrupt her orderly, carefully managed life. She craves adventure.

Lori also has a secret, and one elderly woman, with secrets of her own and tangled links to dark events, has found her out. The troubled woman offers Lori the chance for adventure, and she takes up the challenge to find a missing girl through clues scattered over the last forty years.

The quest for this strange other-worldy girl, who disappeared as a baby, takes Lori out of her comfort zone, and causes her to question her own past and unique abilities, all whilst being hunted by a ruthless predator and his psychotic protégé. Both are murderous figures from the past—or are they from the future?

As time passes—and rewinds—Lori soon discovers that time travel really can be murder.

To be released in paperback and ebook 2023

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Good Heart Bad Blood

Coming Soon

Good Heart Bad Blood, the Second installment in the Fourth Dimension series will be released in late 2023, hot on the heels of Children of a Higher God.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is the working title for the third installment of the 4th Dimension trilogy, and will conclude the Drago trilogy.

The Life and Times of Payback Pete

The life and times of Payback Pete is the working title for the 4th installment in the Fourth Dimension Series, and will form the first of the Zero books. 

The Last Honest Man

Out of print

High on the Hill where the Lime Trees grow

Out of print